The learning resource centre at Chichester University is the latest building to be completed as part of a multi-million pound redevelopment project designed to enhance the learning environment for thousands of students. The new two-storey building employs thermal mass principles as part of its low-energy, low-carbon design to meet the Breeam ‘Excellent’ rating.

Thermal mass solutions

Thermal mass solutions require air to circulate freely over exposed concrete surfaces, but this can often be detrimental to the acoustics due to all the hard, sound-reflective surfaces. Rockfon Eclipse ceiling islands are specifically designed to counter this problem by allowing air to circulate, whilst absorbing sound from both sides of the panel. They are manufactured from stone wool resin bonded mineral wool and are available in square or rectangular formats to offer solutions for any room configuration.

Absorb the airborne sound

Located at the university’s campus in Bognor Regis, the new LRC hosts a vast library with over 70,000 books, along with open access workstations, a café and social study area. “The café is obviously very popular with the students and can get very noisy at busy times,” explained Brett Marchant of Dancor, who carried out the installations. “Rockfon Eclipse islands absorb airborne sound to help create a better acoustic environment, and they look great too.”

Fast and easy to install

The frameless island has a minimalistic sharp-looking edge underlined by a subtle and elegant bevel. Hung from suspension wires using spiral anchors, they are also fast and easy to install. The smooth, white surface is very long-lasting and ensures a perfect reflection of light and heat.

In addition, they offer exceptional dimensional stability, even in up to 100% humidity. Key performance features of fire resistance and hygiene are superior to any other comparable materials, with a non-hygroscopic surface that offers no sustenance to harmful micro-organisms.


Chichester University

College Lane
PO19 6PE
Zjednoczone Królestwo


Chichester University

Kraj:Zjednoczone Królestwo
Produkty:Rockfon® Eclipse
Wymiary:1760 x 1160

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